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Canon Buff ~ Papparazi Wanabe
By: Marizan Nor

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Medina #3

... life is a box of (chocolates) fresh dates? ...
... ya habibi! anta mau 'feresh' korma? ...

In the old days, Arabs, Christians and Jewish tribes first settled in Yathrib as it was an oasis (wadi). The volcanic alluvial soil and availability of water made Yathrib an ideal place to grow dates. Today, dates are grown on a commercial scale and date plantations are scattered all over Medina. It is a major economic activity and Medina dates are also exported. The Ajwa variety, the one favoured by the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), will not grow anywhere else but in Medina.

Fresh dates are available on the market. They look very attractive in their blood red colour. The taste and texture is very much like our own ciku fruit, with a slightly bitter (kelat) taste on the tongue. I got two fresh dates which was offered by the vendor in exchange for the two shots I took of him and his fresh dates!

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Medina #2

... view of the back entrance ...
... mosque minaret ...
... land bought from orphans Sahl & Suhail ...
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Day Shots of Masjid Nabawi

If Makkah is the heritage of Abraham; Medina is Mohammad's (pbuh). You can sense it as you move around the mosque named after him and in Medina city.

Medina is the embodiment of the struggles of Mohammad (pbuh) and a translation of the Islamic institutions he represented. It is here that you will see (and feel and imagine) his home in which he ran his family; the mosques he built and prayed in; the special enclosure (the Raudzah) where he received revelations from God; the pulpit (mimbar) from where he administered the government; the corners of the mosques where he delivered his sermons; the paths and streets he walked upon; the places he visited; the battles he commanded and fought in; the graves of his companions, wives and children and many more. If one is familiar with his life history, one could be transported back in time and can imagine oneself in the community of the early Muslims.

Medina was previously called Yathrib, another oasis on the trade path between Syria (Shams) and Yemen (Hadramaut). Medina became a place of historical importance after Mohammad (pbuh) turned it into his mission base.

Earlier were the night shots. The shots of the Prophet's Mosque above however were taken before dusk. I wanted to capture the effects of sunlight upon the mosque at certain angles. I leave it to you to judge whether I was successful.

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Quote: Prophet Mohammad said "This shall be my home,
... my place of worship,
... and my eternal resting place"
Summary of the Beginning

It is highly recommended for Omrah visitors to visit Medina. The Prophet Mohammad's (pbuh) Mosque (Masjid an Nabawi) is located here and the raison d etre for visiting Medina.

From its establishment in the 7th Century (circa 623 AD), the mosque has grown to be a huge modern complex for prayer and worship. It is today an architectural and engineering marvel. It is fully airconditioned and comes equipped with sophisticated lighting, sound and real time surveillance systems. The floor is flushed with thick Turkish carpets. The maintenance teams work round the clock. The atmosphere inside is very pleasant. Worshippers can perform their prayers very comfortably in this serene atmosphere.

Medina is unique and in many ways, blessed. The presence of the mosque is one reason. The Prophet was directly involved in the initial construction of the mosque. Besides that, Medina is steeped in history.

Compared to Makkah, taking photographs is less regimented here. However, as a mark of respect to local rules and culture, it is recommended that you seek permission before shuttering your lenses. One thing was sure, my lenses and I were completely awed by the grandeur of the subjects.

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Makkah ~ Saudi Arabia 12

... makkah ~ medina : SR35 ( USD7 ) ...
I Shall Return

As the coach engine roared and the sight of Makkah gradually disappeared, I left with mixed feelings. I wish I could extend my stay. 5 days was not enough. On the other hand, I felt pleased my time in Makkah had been spiritually productive. The big consolation was, I was on my way to Medina, the second most important place in Islam (Jerusalem is third).

As I sat through the journey, my thoughts drifted to the history of Makkah. Makkah reminds me of the Prophet Abraham. He was the father of the Semites. The Muslim Arabs were the offsprings of Ismael and the Yehudi (and Nasara) from Isaac (and Jacob). I sadly conclude that the present day issues affecting the Middle East (and the world too) are the result of this 'sibling rivalry'. In my humble opinion, the world would be a better place if this rivalry is better managed.

God Willing, I will visit Makkah again, someday, sometime, somehow.

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Makkah ~ Saudi Arabia #11

... dead ...
... desert victim ...
... intense heat ...
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Desert Heat

After 2 hours of journey the coach made a stop at the Rest Service Area (RSA). We were on our way to Medina from Makkah. The RSA was way below expectation when compared to the quality of the expressway. The heat was searing hot at some 40 Centrigrade.

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