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Friday, 21-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
UK Trip ~ Manchester #5

... adorable ...
... ahmad ...
... ' pinchable ' ...
Ahmad #2

Ahmad is very lovable. His rosy cheeks always invite a 'cubit' ( pinch ). The family, especially the grandmother, longs for him and December isn’t too far away when he will be back for a holiday in Malaysia.

I can’t resist these additional shots to be uploaded. I personally love his expression in #1. If only I could get the field depth adjusted, it would have been one shot of a lifetime. In life object photography, you can never get the same chance twice.

p/s Thank you all for your kind comments. Please excuse this adoring uncle here...

Thursday, 20-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
UK Trip ~ Manchester #4

lovely birthday cake..mummy I just want the candle!!
nice card buddy
uncle kudor gave me this blue mouse
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Last entry date of UK series ~ 28th August 2005

After a lovely time in Snowdonia, North Wales , I drove back to Manchester. I had a Birthday Party to attend. My nephew, Ahmad's party.

Ahmad turned one in July. Mummy and Daddy threw a 2-day birthday do. He is the apple of everyone's eyes. Cute, lovable, huggable, easy to care, no fuss, very even tempered - that is the 'magnet' that draws people to him. After observing him, I concluded that Ahmad is a special and clever little boy. He has the 'x-factor' in him. Although at one year old, he has yet to master his 'walk', his behaviour seemed matured. He has grasped concepts well, is very sociable and could communicate his likes and dislikes effectively. At that age, he already has favourite TV shows and lets you know through whines and facial expressions if he doesnt like the ones showing and wants the channel changed! Good genes from his doctor parents, I guess.

An interesting observation of Ahmad; he is, by his own choice, a vegetarian at the moment! Strongly dislikes meat (even chicken), eggs and seafood. Grows up on milk, cereals, fruits and vegetables and doing very well on them.

Completely absorbed with his presents, he showed no emotions when I drew my lenses near him. He was thoroughly cool and acted naturally. He was like 'here I am, shoot me'. Very photogenic and above all, he is so sweet.

This extension of the UK series is dedicated to Ahmad.

Saturday, 15-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Makkah & Medina ~ Last Entry

747 - 400
the biggest bird, until
the A380 takes off
Reaching Home

This is continuation of previous entry dated 5th October 2005.

Being in Makkah and Medinah was wonderful. But the joy of coming home topped it all. The sight of KLIA was heartening and the smooth landing of the 747 was a pleasure. The captain did a good job. So did the cabin crew. Thank you very much.

These are shots of a MAS jumbo at KLIA. I spotted them as I was retrieving my baggage. That was my first time seeing them with their hibiscus murals. I liked what I saw.

Today, 15th November 2005, Malaysian Airlines (MAS) surprisingly reported a quarterly loss of about RM300M (USD 80M). I read it with despair. I have travelled to many parts of the world with MAS always being my first choice. It’s the airline where I feel I am not treated as a second class passenger.

When successful companies, like MAS, suddenly go down, fingers should point to the very top management. Strategic issues have to be addressed. But please spare the staff.

Tuesday, 11-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Eid ul Fitr #2

... a joint venture ...
... with anne ...

'Bamboo Canon' ( Meriam Buluh )
will evoke memories. To many especially in the kampungs, it’s all about fun on the eve of Eid ul Fitr. The booming canons were deafening and can be heard for miles. The louder, the better. 'Canon wars' between kampungs were common then, involving even adults. Yet unfortunately for some, the canons are painful reminders. Accidents of exploding canons have happened, especially after repeated firings. The 'gunners' get hurt ~ some seriously. Today, the 'Bamboo Canon' is illegal.

Children nowadays resort to fireworks. They are safer. I couldn’t resist watching my nieces and nephews enjoying the fireworks. These are some of the slow speed shots I took.

Monday, 10-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Eid ul Fitr 1426H

... forgive my wrongdoings ...
... we love you ...
... & the 'duit raya' ...
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Malaysian Version ~ Forgiveness, Duit Raya & Fireworks.

For the record, Eid ul Fitr was celebrated the world over on Thursday 3rd November 2005. Ramadhan was therefore 29 days in the East ( as in Malaysia ) and 30 days in the Middle East and the West.

For those who have observed their Ramadhan seriously, Eid is indeed a day of 'victory'. A celebration for completing a month of doing good deeds ~ of fasting, prayers, of charity and giving alms and abstaining from things forbidden by Allah.

The Muslim culture is multifarious. In Malaysia, Eid is also the day when sons and daughters (young and old) kneel before their mothers, fathers, grandparents to kiss their hands; seeking forgiveness for shortcomings and wrongdoings. The atmosphere can be very emotional. Tears of regret are inevitable.

Eid celebration is a time of extension of the Ramadhan spirit of giving and sharing. Family and friends are welcomed to a feast spread in almost all Malaysian muslim homes ~ the open house.

For the children, it's a happy holiday with siblings, cousins and friends. A time of new clothes, 'duit raya' and fireworks. They will get their share of 'duit raya' (cash gifts) from parents, relatives and visitors.

When the sun sets, the night will be lighted by their fireworks.

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