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Tuesday, 2-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Manchester #2

... a sprawling mansion ...
... a former observatory ...
... the park lake attraction ...
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Heaton Park ~ Sporadic Shots

The park was a private property until it was taken over by the Manchester Local Council. In the 18th Century, the rich owner built an observatory on the park's highest point for a local astronomer to gaze the sky. The building is still standing. The mansion has since been converted into a hotel. They had tram service in the park once but has since been stopped...leaving tram tracks to nowhere....

NSE Follow Ups ~ road shoulder

Yesterday I took the NSE from Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort to Kuala Lumpur. At km372.2 the traffic ground to a halt ( PLUS informed me there was an accident at km 378 ). As usual, the impatient ( irresponsible & selfish rather ) lot began converting the road shoulder into another lane. 5 km later 2 cars were stopped by the police (serve them right) while the rest simply squeezed back into the road lanes and escaped. This behaviour created the ' bottleneck ', hence the traffic jam. How strange, they do this blatantly in broad daylight and without any remorse.

From my observation, this behaviour is across the board. It tanscends ethnic background and age groups, young and old. If you think this is typical of Perodua, Proton, Kia, Hyundai, Toyota and Honda, you are prejudicially mislead. The BMWs and the Mercs are equally at fault . Even a dark tinted S320 ( an honourable judge perhaps ) was amongst the guilty party.

To ease my stressed legs and mind, I reminded myself that they are ' first world facilties with third world mentalities '. Gawd.....................

Monday, 1-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

... chew chew ....
... lean on me ...

I couldnt decide where to begin to download the shots gathered from my recent UK trip. The files are many and selection becomes a task.

But I have to break the ice and I will begin with these 3 peep-shots of a horse in its stable. These were taken at the Heaton Park, the green lung of Manchester. This horse was part of a Middle-Eastern Carnival held at the park. Its job was to give rides to the children. I hope the horse enjoyed it!! The weather was lovely and I strolled the park for some fresh summer air to quicken my jet lag recovery. Here goes.


I am not done yet on this subject.

On the UK Motorways, as long as I keep to my lane, I need not worry with cruising and overtaking. I can continously throttle the accelerator pedal. If I have to apply the brake it is when a vehicle has given signal to overtake and change lanes. Seldom would you get surprises. The simple rule is to just watch the signals of vehicles ahead of you. On the NSE, one has to be alert and defensive all the time. Very often, vehicles from side lanes change lanes at the last minute and even worst, without using their signals. 'Cutting into our lane' we say, causing us to slam the brakes suddenly and hard...causing inconvenience at best. At high speed, these manouvres lead to accidents ( look at the numbers of dented road divders on the NSE ).

Trucks and express buses, from my observation are the biggest culprits. The drivers have little regard for safety of smaller vehicles. With their size, they can bully other smaller vehicles. They worry little. In the event of an accident, the smaller vehicles are more vulnerable. These attitudes have to go.

The rule is, keep to your lane. If you need to change lanes, give signals ( for heaven sakes ) in advance ( not after ). Dont do it at the last minute. Look at the vehicle behind you on the overtaking lane. If it is close enough, delay your lane change. Dont cause others to do emergency braking. Be considerate.

Meanwhile, do defensive driving. Be fully alert and anticipate the possible manouvres of other vehicle users.

Sunday, 31-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Second Break ~ you can have your second Kit Kat

... pre war heritage ...
... a loss if destroyed ...
... 3 Broken windows ...
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I noticed that ATM military convoy were regular violator of road rules ( lets call a spade, a spade ) on the NSE. They often insist on driving on the fast/overtaking lane despite being heavy vehicles ( trucks, armoured personnel carriers, light battle tanks etc ). Being the ' defender of the country ' does not give them the right to belittle road rules. They hold traffic up and cause long queues. Worst, they force law-abiding drivers to overtake from the left. On one of my calls to PLUS, the officer remarked that I was the 5th person to complain for the same stretch. I have also read of public complaints in newspapers.

After all that hype, I believe it will not recurr anymore. On my recent trip on the NSE, the ATM convoy ( more than 30 vehicles ) dutifully lined up on the 1st lane. I gave my thumbs up to them. Public pressure do help solve problems.

These are shots of the other nearby pre-war building in Ipoh. It's in delapidated condition and past its heyday. I do not know if it can last the tide of urban development. I wonder if it will be marked as a heritage building or succumb to some delevoper's fancy plan .

Saturday, 30-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Break ~ you can have your Kit Kat

... kapcais ... history revisited ...
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Sometime back, I was on the North South Expressway heading to Johor Bahru. At Pagoh, a BMW740 ( with a Singaporean number plate ) overtook me on the left lane just after I overtook another car. From my rear view mirror, I didnt see him coming. I was momentarily stunned. I guessed that he must have been driving at between 180 to 200 kph to be able to weaved between 2 cars. He had little respect for my safety (perhaps he was purging and was rushing to a toilet!). I immediately rang PLUS and gave my km location, the BMW details and the offence. Sometime later, at the Skudai Toll, the police had caught up with the BMW.

Friends and colleagues, Do not underestimate what you can do to stop road offenders. Call ( handsfree of course ) the police when you see misbehaviours on our roads. Keep PLUS numbers handy. You have a big role to make our roads a safe place to travel.

Work took me to Ipoh City recently. Ipoh is an old city. It was the tin capital of the world then. Today, the pace of life is half that of Kuala Lumpur. I was however impressed with its orderliness and cleanliness. At a traffic light junction when I spotted 2 old shop buildings. I stopped by and had them recorded.

Friday, 29-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Penang Island #18

.... dead wood again .....
.... stepping stones to nowhere .....
Adios Penang

He said ' make a U turn from here, head straight along this road. At the 3rd traffic lights, turn right. Go straight again and at the 1st round about take a 3 o'clock turn. Keep going and your destination is after a pump station on your left '. I followed the suggestion and I got there. My mileage meter showed a distance of about 3 miles. Brits are good at giving precise road direction. If I dont have a map handy, I will never hesitate to ask for help from someone on the street.

Unfortunately, more often than not we got lost on our own roads. Usually the directions are oversimplified. 'Turn left and right ' without qualifying the location is no help. Sometimes, they become ' over generous ' with the information. Series of buildings names, colours, shapes, number of storeys etc combined with numerous other non significant landmarks and even tree types and heights are given. Either way, the poor driver end up being lost again.

If you dont know the place, say so. if you know and want to help, be specific. Do not be vague. Refrain from giving too much information. They are confusing. Dont waste some one else's and your time.

These shots are my last on my Penang Island trip. The travel was fun. The 300D tops it up. I am pleased with the shots collected. I guess I will have to showcase my trip to the UK next. Shall I? Well let me think about it first.

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