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Sunday, 7-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Liverpool #4

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NSE ~ The beginning of the end ~ Chapter 2

Speed Limit is not ultimate. Safety, however, is.

Engineers designed passenger cars to be optimum when the engine revs at about 2500 ~ 3000rpm. As the revs increase, the engine noise ( & vibrations ) also gets higher ( it works harder ) in reverse to passengers comfort and sense of safety. At about 4000rpm the noise level ( not the souped up exhaust mufflers ) will usually makes the passengers feel tense and unsafe. 3500rpm is about the maximum most sensible passengers will tolerate.

For cars with less than 1litre capacity, at 3000rpm, the speedometer will register about 80kph. For a 2.8litre car, it will be 140kph. The former will be revving at 4000rpm if it has to hit 110kph, the speed limit of the NSE. For the latter, it will be a mere 2500rpm.

By this reasoning, speed limit is not the absolute guarantee to safety. Whilst it is perfectly safe for a 2.8litre car to hit 110kph, it is unsafe for a 1 litre car. Speeding tickets is theoretically arbitrary. Safety, however, is absolute. It is best that one try to understand about one's car limit before you floor the accelerator pedal. Next time you take the driver's seat, observe your revs counter.

Albert Dock

The day was beautiful and I had the time. My 300D literally worked hard. There were many subjects that caught my attention. Here are some of them. As you will see in the pictures, the British has rich historical legacy. The structures that you see below are centuries old but are still preserved in good working condition.

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Liverpool #3

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Albert Dock ~ Boats

These are views of a portion of the dock. It overlooks the inland from the Mersey River dock edge. It was near 9pm and the sun was about to set. I was struggling for lights to get the shots right. I am glad I did. I particularly like the ' distorted reflection ' shot.

The NSE ~ beginning of the closing chapter

Another inconsiderate behaviour one will see regularly on the expressways are the road hogs. These drivers usually keep to the designated speed limit or slower but insist staying on the overtaking lane (outermost lane). Their reason - they are already observing the speed limit so they can stay on the ' fast lane '. But by so doing, they prevent others from overtaking and cause long tailing queues. They also encourage other vehicles to tailgate and/or overtake on the left. These are drivers who do not understand that the outermost lane is only for overtaking. Once done, you should revert to the inner lane/lanes ( do trigger your signal lights during both lane change manouvres ). No 4 letter word or obscene signs will be neccessary.

I once overheard a group conversation. Quote " I am not exceeding the speed limit. Whats wrong staying on the outer lane. I too pay the road tax. ". He obviously is not aware of the impact of his attitude and action towards overall road safety and the comfort of driving.

I am certain, if he drives on the UK Motorways, he will collect a ticket for road-hogging!

Friday, 5-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Liverpool #2

Albert Dock ~ Maritime Museum

Gerry and the Pacemakers sang ' Ferry 'cross the Mersey ' in 1965. And these Mersey ferries also brought the Beatles' fans across to watch them perform at their gigs in Liverpool, where they first started.

Liverpool is an old port city more known perhaps for its football & hooligans fans ( Heysel tragedy ). I wasnt keen for a revisit but nostalgia took me back there. I headed for the Albert Dock. The half day visit was satisfying. I recollected my student day memories. My 300D had to do a lot of work.

The NSE yet again

I am not proud of this. Malaysia has one of the highest car accident rates in the world. The quality of our expressways are at par to those in the developed countries. Poor roads are therefore not a major factor. The disgraceful statistics point mainly to the bad habits and attitudes of our drivers.

{ 2 decades ago driving wasnt a safe and pleasant thing to do in South Korea. Today, it is a pleasure. The Koreans have changed their attitude. Comfort and safety have become overriding.}

Tailgating ( many may not even know this term but they sure know the act ) is one of the biggest contributor to the statistics. There is not even an equivalent local term. ' Himpit ', ' Rapat ', ' Sondol ' or ' Cucuk ' maybe sound familiar. Pile ups often occur as a result, sometimes to as many as 20 cars in a row. In the UK, tailgating is an offence. In Malaysia it is not. Sometimes, at 110kph ( NSE speed limit ), you can get a car tailing at no more than 1 to 2 meters from your rear bumper. This is utterly dangerous if not insane. Many are not aware that there is such a thing as Safe Braking Distance.

Do away with Tailgating. It is stressful to the driver of the car ahead. Adopt the rule of the thumb, keep at least about 15 ~ 20 meters ( 45 ~ 60 Feet ) away from one another. This will allow you to stop the car ( without hitting the car ahead of you ), when you slam the brake pedals.

Thursday, 4-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

... which way now? ...
.... the Beatles first ..
... the fab 4 ....
We all know who they were and where they were from.

Wednesday, 3-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Manchester, United Kingdom #3

... Trafford Centre
Mall ....
... she wasnt the director ...
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Trafford Square ~ Trivia

This is not about Old Trafford. Thats for the ' red devils '. The Trafford Centre is the new and biggest shopping mall in Manchester. Its like the Mid Valley in Kuala Lumpur but smaller. The Summer Sale was on but with RM6.70 per GBP, there werent many things thats worth buying. Anyway, most things are already available in Kuala well as Marks & Spencers, Miss Selfridges etc.. In the past, the Arabs would flock to the UK shopping malls. Post ' Nine Eleven ' and ' Seven July ', they now shop in our Kuala Lumpur. Still there were some nice is always fun..
I had fun watching the filming done by the BBC there.

NSE Again

During heavy showers, you will see 2 extreme behaviours on the expressways. Those who refuse to turn on their lights and those who put on their hazard lights. Both are absolute No! No! Either they werent taught the correct techniques at the driving schools ( perhaps lesen Kopi O ) or they invented their own road rules. Its very simple : simply just switch on your head lamps. Thats enough to make your vehicle visible to all and prevent untoward incidents.

Not turning on the lights is dead selfish.You care little for your safety and that of others. Putting on the hazard lights is silly. Hazard lights are strictly for emergencies e.g. when you are stationery on the road shoulder. Do not switch them on when you are moving. You will confuse other drivers.

We need to be more road aware.

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