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Canon Buff ~ Papparazi Wanabe
By: Marizan Nor

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Friday, 12-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

... as I approached Colwyn Bay town..
... the sun was high ...
... the sea was far ..
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Bae Colwyn

Cymru, pronounced as Kamrei ( not Simru ), is Wales. Crossing the English border gave me a homecoming feeling. For 2 years, Wales was home to me. I did my A Levels in Abertawe ( Swansea ) in South Wales. Bae Colwyn (Colwyn Bay in English) is in North Wales. I've always wanted to see beautiful North Wales, definitely a tourist haven, but studies were my priority then. The time has now come to enjoy its splendid charm. I was not disappointed.

Thursday, 11-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Where is this? Take a guess.

... country road
take me home ...
My next destination was this county. You would have to roll your tongue if you want to pronounce the signboards. Best if you dont try.

Wednesday, 10-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Liverpool #7

... Liverpool main street ..
... back to the dock ...
... the tv guys gave the old bricks a new foyer ...
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Brown bricks are common building materials in the UK. Most buildings including houses are made of brown bricks. City Halls and churches however are the usual exceptions. As they were not plaster-finished, most buildings are bare brown in colour. Somehow, they still look attractive. Maybe it's the simple yet prominent architecture. Maybe because they have been well maintained till today. An observation - many things in the UK seemed to be built or made to last...


After the sun had set, I left Liverpool. I set my machine to drive by wire mode and cruised along the M62 with my thoughts wondering to the near past. Liverpool was home to thousands of Malaysian students some time ago. Many have collected their scrolls from the 2 universities here. Many have made their way home to Malaysia. Many too have stayed behind. Most were on mom & pop or government grant of GBP150 ( RM750 ) a month, then. Today they could be big earners and spenders. Even with the famous summer and winter sales of UK, I wonder if it's possible to entice them to spend their GBP at our Mega Sales in Malaysia?

This entry will be my last for the Liverpool series.

Tuesday, 9-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Liverpool #6

... overshadowed by the scaled down sail boat replica ...
... naturally lighted by the evening sun ...
... but when the artificial lights were switched on
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Albert Dock ~ ' the Pillars '

Pillars are pillars. Some however are exceptionally prominent and well known. Like the ones that grace the front of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. Those were built about 400 BC ( ie 2400 years old ). As I roamed the docks, I saw these red pillars. My first impression was that they were just some nicely painted pillars; nice work of painters on some otherwise plain, structurally functional pedestals. However, later in the evening, when the lights were switched on, they began to glow beautifully, catching my fascination and stirring my obsession to their colours and lights. They drew my camera to them. After dark, the dock's view became dominated by the glowing pillars. It was a sight.

I like these shots and to me, these are tributes to the ingeniuity of our engineering forefathers.

Monday, 8-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Liverpool #5

... what it was, presumably ....
... distant view ...
... close up ...
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Albert Dock ~ The Pumphouse Inn

In the older days, it housed the gigantic pumps that filled and emptied the docks. Today it is an Inn; more known for its open air summer bar for visitors near and far. Indeed, there were many patrons who were enjoying their drinks in the warm summer afternoons or the cooler evening air. The nearby streets and walkways were well paved, some still with ancient Roman cobblestones technology. Old as it maybe, The Pumphouse is one of the Albert Dock's distinguished attraction. It also looked unique through my lens. Whilst taking my shots from some selective angles, I wondered how it might have look in its glorious past. The BW shot is perhaps the closest I could get to imagining it. Great grandfathers of the Beatles would have loved that shot, I hope.

NB: I wish the Rover ( now owned by the People's Republic of China! ) is not in the BW shot.

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