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Canon Buff ~ Papparazi Wanabe
By: Marizan Nor

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Tuesday, 6-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Malaysian Fotopages AGM

... the die hards ...
... ambig's 300d ~ high mileage ...
... the committee's mood ...
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Recent head count was more than 16,000. That puts Malaysian Fotopagers to be the most dominant in numbers. If non domiciled Malaysians are to be included we could probably hit 20,000.

The AGM was held on the 4th December 2005 at Taman Warisan Pertanian, Putra Jaya. Spirits were high and there were plenty of fun. For once we dropped our working files and conversations became centered on cameras and what makes good shots. Food was aplenty but failed to distract the participant’s attention from cameras and photography. Without doubt, these were a bunch of die hard photographers, amateurs and professionals. Many exchanged shots of one another. For the day, the photographers became models, albeit unpaid ones. Even the background musics were drowned by continuous camera clicks and flashes.

The AGM was smooth and easy. Posts were filled up without fuss. For me, this was my first time attending a Malaysian Fotopages gathering. It was also the first time I met faces that I knew by names before in the net.

A lot has to be done to bring the numbers in. To the new Committee Members, I wish them a productive year ahead. Good Luck.

Monday, 5-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A1 GP Sepang #9

... the rolling start ...
... the duel ...
.... the end ...
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The end of the end.

I am glad the 8 series of A1 entries have generated some interests and debates on the merits and demerits of A1 GP in particular and motor sports in general. This entry will close the chapter. I need to move on to new subject.

Brief Technical Comparison between F1 and A1 cars:

Formula 1

Weight 605 kg
Engine Cylinders V10 90 degrees
Displacement 3000 cc
Max Engine Speed 18000 rpm
Power Output 950 bhp

Transmissions 7 gears + reverse Semi Automatic
Brakes Carbon Discs & Pads
Tyres Threaded
Tyre Width Front 355 mm Rear 390 mm


Weight 700kg
Engine Cylinders V8 90 degrees
Displacement 3400 cc
Max Engine Speed 9000 rpm
Power Output 550 bhp

Transmissions 6 gears + reverse Manual
Brakes Steel Discs & Carbon Pads
Tyres Slicks
Tyre Width Front 298 mm Rear 406 mm

Friday, 2-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A1 GP Sepang #8

... a lonely flag amongst the ' die hard ' crowd...
shot taken from the 'hibiscus' 1km away using 500mm zoom lens
... distorted reflection...
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Nice picture you have there.
BTW where did you get that F12006 will be our last F1 ? I wonder coz we never received anything form FIA regarding this so far..
And A1 GP, yes there's no crowd as F1. Just let me clarify that SIC was not the organizer & Promoter. Even we get all the details 2 weeks before the event.
Organizer for A1 GP Would be Parallel Media Asia. Those who went last event would see the diff which this organizer selling their ticket at welcome center not at our ticket counter.
But please if you guys out there have suggestion or any comment can email us at

sorry for my words

Tue 29-Nov-2005 07:45
Posted by:Ann

I received this comment from Ann of the SIC. I hereby invite fellow fps to direct suggestions to her above email address to better 2006 F1 event. I have emailed her my opinions.

It was an honour for Ann and the SIC to have read my fp entries on the A1 GP ( I hope she has read all my previous F1 entries as well ). I am sure she would also have read the various negative and positive comments and I hope these feedbacks will act as a basis for SIC's future actions. Similarly, I hope Parallel Media Asia will also respond positively to the comments forwarded by my fellow fotopagers.

Thanks Ann and fp members.

Tuesday, 29-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A1 GP Sepang #7

Rankling: Great Britain ~ #5 (38 pts)
Switzerland ~ #2 (65 pts)
Ireland ~ #8 (29 pts)
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These are shots of the top teams in the A1 GP at the starting grid before the sprint race. These are standard shots, more meant for my record keeping.

I would love to see the A1 GP become a formidable rival to F1 popularity. Already the television coverage for the A1 races are showing to a growing audience. I observed that there were more overtakings in A1 than in F1 races. Aerodynamics of A1 cars are designed for better slipstreaming and overtaking. In F1, procession race has become the norm. The air turbulence at the tail makes close proximity tailing and therefore overtaking, difficult. Isn’t the thrill of racing in the overtaking?

In F1, the teams build their own chasis and engines. Competition becomes the domain of the limited few with huge budgets; Ferrari, McLaren, Williams and recently Renault. The rest just make up the numbers. Minardi was destined, from inception, to be a tail-ender. Its engine alone is nearly 100bhp apart from the Ferrari. In layman’s term, it’s like pitting a 3 litre with a 1 litre car.

In A1, all the teams are equipped with literally the same cars. No car has significant advantage over the other. The drivers’ skills and the team of engine set-up mechanics therefore make the difference.

Monday, 28-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A1 GP Sepang #6

... the spin & tyre marks ...
.... this lucky shot ...
.... push restart ...
Armaan Ebrahim ~ Team India ~ My Lucky Shot

Armaan's single-seater race experience prior to the A1 GP was the BMW Formula Asia. He undoubtedly lacks experience. Team India hasn’t score any points in the A1 GP series. He made a mistake which is rarely seen in either A1 or F1 GP. He spun as he came out from turn #8.

Usually, for GP races, I will put my camera setting at ISO400. This would ensure I could capture sharp images of the fast moving car or bikes (including the tyres brand). This time, I opted for ISO100. I wanted the images of the ' rubber burning ' to be more visible ( see A1 GP Sepang #3 entries ). Then Armaan did the spin. As Khalil Beschir of Team Lebanon avoided him, I took some repeated still shots. What a result. I got a fully focused shot of Armaan sheltered by a hazy one of Khalil. I treasure this shot. I consider it a lucky shot.

p.s. Sometimes, a good shot is about being lucky.

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